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Grooming - A masculine essential

Today modern today man is in to grooming in a big way. Gone are the days when a man had a shave, a haircut and a dab of after-shave lotion! Today men are spending more time in front of a mirror than women!

Today men still enjoy the classic hot-towel shave as well as our range of skin-care and grooming products. Men want to feel and look good. Why not?

The Men's Club are stockists of Paul Mitchell, Wella and Proraso products for men.

We also stock our very-own branded range shaving soaps, beard oils and moustache wax - all made locally in Knysna.



Hot Towel Shaving - Try it!

We carried out a great deal of research to create the best hot-towel shave. We discovered that the straight razor didn't always produce the closest, most comfortable shave. Modern blade technology is so advanced that the Gillette triple-blade Mach3 produces a shave as close as a well-honed straight edge with a far greater level of comfort.

The process starts with a pre-shave cream and massage, then application of preheated hot towel, followed by a down-shave. We then reapply the lather and do an up-shave (some of our clients prefer a second down-shave because of skin irritation).

A cold towel from the fridge is applied to the face to help close the pores of the skin, (a real wake up call! ) followed by post-shave cream, and then a face massage. The shave ends with an after-shave gel or lotion and then gentle fanning of the face.

This is a wonderful and unforgettable experience! Reputed by many of our foreign clients to be one of the best in the world!